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wu-tang revisited

March 30, 2011


The story of Wu-Tang is a lot like Brideshead Revisited, with Meth as the guy with the teddy bear and RZA as the other guy. Or maybe Raekwon as the guy with the teddy bear and Ghost as the other guy.


Nah mean?

Or maybe the saga of the Clan is more like Enter the 36 Anna Kareninas. Or maybe the best way to describe the Clan's history is in their own idiom, something like: Pinot grigio your DeVito, the Black Ronald Reagan cold countin' peanuts in the crib.

Anyway, I been collecting Wu remixes for a while, got about 200 or so of 'em.  What you realize is the Wu can go in over any type of beat: Chinese opera, 8-bit Nintendo, old school, dubstep, The Nutcracker...it really don't matter, they go in hard.  This here is a mix of some rarities and remixes.

P.L.O. Style (Frankenstein Remix) / Apollo Kids (Raw Stiles Remix) / Real Shit (One of These Days Remix) / Astro (Lord Hakim Remix) / Verbal Intercourse pt. II (Kenzo Digital Remix) / Long Live (Mathematics Blend) / What's Happenin (Showoff Remix) / Real Estate Breaker (Tcha Blend) / Associated (Bronze Nazareth) / Rec The Party (Perfecta Remix) / Mystery of Chessboxin' (DJ Muggs Blend) / Pinky Ring (Magowl Remix) / Dirty & Stinkin' / Wu Banga 101 (Mathematics Remix) / All Flowers (Exclusive Mix) / Daytona 500 (Tom Caruana Remix) / Lyrical 44 / Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Q-Fish Remix) / Run (Problem Child Remix) / Those That's Bout It (Inna Blends Blend) / Publicity (Goodwill Projects Blend) / P.L.O. Style (Unknown Remix)