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uncommon vs. sxsw

March 12, 2012



So Nasa of Uncommon Records (a.k.a. Adam Warlock, a.k.a. ADAM, n.a.k.a* Big Brother Fried Peanut Butter) said on the Twooter he was gonna put together an Uncommon sampler for SXSW.  I offered to mix it and crap samples all over it, and he was with it: eight bangers from the Uncommon roster, laced up with weird Western shit.

220 CDs will be available at Uncommon SXSW performances, and you can also cop it digitally over on the Uncommon Bandcamp.

It's ONLY available until March 18th--after that it's GONE.  Not 'gone' meaning 'far out, man, that's really gone, man' but 'gone' meaning over, that's it, that's all, finished, ya estuvo and Gee Oh Ehn Eee.

Milk & Bullets - Aeon Grey / Unhandled Crossings - Taiyamo Denku & Agartha Audio / Spirits - Atari Blitzkrieg (feat. ADAM) / Repeated Questions - Pruven / Two Days - ADAM / Odd Future - Short Fuze & Nasa / Live from Tent City - DCK VNNGT / The Grind - Acid Reign

[*not actually known as]

UPDATE: OK, it's gone.  You might could get it from me if you ask real nice.

UPDATE UPDATED: You can still cop one of the CDs free with an Uncommon t-shirt until they run out. ACT NOW! LIMITED TIME OFFER! Etc.