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unattended luggage

September 3, 2012


A very special Labor Day mix in honor of America's most loved federal workers--TSA screeners!

Been a gang of good joints stacking up this year, even just since I dropped this.  So I figure I better break you off these 15 MMXXII jammies strictly from the underground.  Just because you mighta missed 'em, slept on 'em, or never heard of 'em, doesn't mean they don't bring juice.

Because underground hip-hop is like unattended luggage--sitting there and you don't even notice, and then BLAOW! It blows up and...ah fuck it, I just thought it sounded like a good title, Christ, who gives a shit. Sometimes I bore my own self. Just play the damn music.

Unhandled Crossings - Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku / Cry - Sector 7G / Mouth Of Madness - A Tribe Called Death / Boom Bap Goon Rap - Kyo Itachi & Ruste Juxx / Peoples 1 - Chin Injeti (feat. Bishop Lamont, Shad & Skratch Bastid) / Bi-Polar Jazz-Funk (Pete Cannon Remix) - Blah's Mr. Wrong Presents / Big Wig Sole - Ensilence (feat. Kid A) / People - Juan Deuce (feat. Romen Rok) / Monsters Ball - Citizen Kane & Nickel Killsmics (feat. Keef Wookie) / Hold On - I Self Devine / Devil Do - Collectible Humans (feat. DJ Addikt) / Super Villains - Revelation (feat. Prem Rock, Judd & Uncle D) / Come To Jamaica (The Lost Verse) - B. Dolan / Back To Basics - K-Def (feat. El Da Sensei) / Cartoon Katana Cornflakes - No Emotion Goldmask