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the year in freshness

December 18, 2009


Yeah, we all liked Cuban Linx 2 and Born Like This (even Time magazine and the New Yorker showed them love, for Christ's sake). But there was a lot of other freshness this year you might have slept on.  There's many styles in hip hop these days...lotta fingers but it's all one fist.  So many, it's maybe three or four fists.  Punching you!  Right in the fucking piehole!

Scott Rinse Receipt - Iller Than Theirs / Runnin' Wild - Dead Prez & DJ Green Lantern / High Hater - Super Chron Flight Brothers / Supermagic - Mos Def / D-Up - Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz) / Habitat of the Gasmask - La Coka Nostra (feat. Vinnie Paz) / When The Sun Goes Down - Stoupe (feat. Saigon) / Welcome To Chicago - Qwel & Maker / The Preacher - Brother Ali / Reach In - Khingz / Let's Start (Messengers Remix) - J.Period & K'Naan / So & So - Jern Eye (feat. Guilty Simpson) / Outta Control - John Robinson (feat. DJ Rhettmatic) / Strictly the Bizness - Joell Ortiz / I Be Fresh - Project Pat / Pride and Glory - Black Tobacco / Luck vs Skill - Breez Evahflowin (feat. Swave Sevah & Ike P.) / Survival Skills - KRS-ONE & Buckshot (feat. DJ Revolution) / Train Tussle - U-God (feat. Ghostface & Scotty Wotty) / Say G&E! - The Grouch & Eligh / The Natural - Sadat X / Iron Tongue - Advanced Placement / Get Smokes - P.O.S. (feat. Jessey Greene) / Good Night - The Narcicyst

Best Albums Of The Year (De Gustibus, Bitch):

DJ Signify :: Of Cities

PSY/OPSogist :: Kings of Sleep [free]

Super Chron Flight Brothers :: Indonesia / Deleted Scenes [free]

dalek :: Gutter Tactics

Other people's best-of lists: Passion of the Weiss, Cocaine Blunts, The Mechies, AllMusic, Philaflava, Jump the Turnstyle, Metal Lungies 1 & 2, Hold The Throne and The Message.  Check the diversity and how much you missed--I know I did, and I listened to about two hundred new albums this year. If hip hop is dead, we're being overrun by zombies out there.

The size of these lists is kinda astounding...50 best songs of the year? You couldn't pare it down a little, ese? 100 best albums of the decade? Pre-iPod/Rapidshare era, that'd set you back about fifteen hundred bucks. Also got me thinking, if you did this twenty years ago? The 25 best albums of the year would've been about...all of them. To paraphrase Matt Cook, it was pretty easy to make the greatest hip-hop album when there were only about fifty hip-hop albums.

Catch you across 2010th Street...