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the production of means

September 6, 2010


So, how's your recession going?  Yeah, mine too.  Being an old school head, I preferred the first depression when the bankers and stockbrokers threw their monkey asses out the window instead of giving themselves huge bonuses.  And inventing the Commodity Index to make my groceries more expensive.

In honor of how much things are sucking, and this article about rappers' worst-ever jobs, here's the recession mixtape.

I Get Money (Goldman Sachs Remix) - Apex / I Ain't With Being Broke - Geto Boys / It All Comes Down To The Money - Whodini & Terminator X / Fuckajob - Soul Position (Blueprint & RJD2) / 9-5ers Anthem - Aesop Rock / Lunch Money - Qwel & Maker / Clockers - M.A.D. (Dr. Monokrome, Thrill Gates & Billy Woods) / Money - KRS-One (feat. MC Lyte) / The Ka$H - Malcolm & Martin / Funds - Blockhead / Get Rich or Try Dying - Despot / Valet at the Players Ball - Kentucky Prophet / $ (aka Cash Rule) - Bronze Nazareth / Pimps (Free Stylin' At The Fortune 500 Club) - The Coup / The Financial Crisis Song - Open Mike Eagle / Money (Dollar Bill Y'all) - Jimmy Spicer / Get Rich Quick (Marmaduke Remix) - Super Chron Flight Brothers (feat. Tom Vu) / Outro (feat. Patrick Bateman)