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the overlook hotel :: mixtape edition

March 7, 2010


It's the Overlook Hotel, because you slept there.  Also, blood coming out of the elevator.  I gotta get the maintenance guy to look at that.

Here's a roundup of some sweet mixes I've been bumping lately.  All of 'em are free and legal, so stay off my dick, DMCA cops.  Click the titles to download.


Tenshun :: Scabz & Bruises Mix

Tenshun's beats are sick and grimy on some Natural Born Killers shit.  He makes the Gaslamp Killer look like Mr. Rogers.  All his stuff is released on cassette or 7" vinyl in runs of 500 for some reason, very punk rock, but also pretty weird for 2010 where there's 50 easy ways to get your stuff out there on the internet.  This cat, his shit is so hard, but not devolving into ear-bleeding noise, but it's still like...

TENSHUN: I really like you. I'm gonna make you a mixtape to express my love for you.

TENSHUN'S GIRL: That's really sweet, but you know what? Please don't.

Check out his very sparse Myspace page.

This mix was for Vertebrae Records and it's a good introduction to his post-industrial turntable sound.

Tenshun :: Freestyle Mix

Another grimy, deadly mix of his and other people's ill beats, recorded in 2006.  Like I said, Tenshun's stuff's not readily available but you can buy it here and here.


Jimmy Green :: Brooklyn Dust - The Beastie Boys Mixtape

Super fresh mixtape of the Beastly Boys and their beastly toys from Jimmy Green. Not a wack track in the house.  Even better, now I don't have to do a Beastie Boys mix.


Waajeed :: The Patty Hearst Beat Tape

Fat, grimy beats with news samples telling the story of Patty Hearst.  Serious fire.  Via The Mechies.


Peanut Butter Wolf :: Chrome Mix

Dope little mixtape of Stone's Throw stuff from 2005, with Madlib, Guilty Simpson, Percee P, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Oh No, Aloe Blacc, Diamond D and others.


100 Akres :: Nas & Bob Marley - Relatives Abroad

While we wait to see if the Nas/Damian Marley LP is a trainwreck, Soul Train or Soul Plane, 100 Akres has hooked up a superb 8 track mashup.  Blaze one for this.