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sympathy for the database

September 4, 2009


It's been 90 years since the word robot was coined, and they're firmly embedded in our culture, art and subconscious...and they still don't exist yet.

Most robot stories have the theme of empathy--of bridging the uncanny valley.  Either the robots are more empathetic than us, and we treat them like slaves, or they're less empathetic metal killing machines.  Robots represent the idea of our highest achievement, to create something better than ourselves, but also reflect our worse failings--cruelty, xenophobia, hubris, exploitation.

This is Robots Will Fuck Your Shit Up, v1.0.

'...In Love With Another Robot...' - Jel / The Mechanikal Man (Scratch Robot) - DJ Grazzhoppa / Bboy Robot - Rouh & Qrazsirs / Robot - Marc D & JRAY; Fourward; KRS-ONE & Buckshot / Robot Love (Medicine 8 Remix) - Popular Tyre / Do It Like A Robot - Princess Superstar / From Tragedy - DJ Krush (feat. Tragedy) / Robot - Proe / Robots - Clokworx / Do The Robot In Cyberspace - Giant Panda / Robot - Dockta Valkus / Anything You Can Do My Robot Can Do Better - Close My Eyes / Vote Robot Remix - Climax Golden Twins / Do Androids Dream of Electric Boogaloo? / Theme From Automatons / Sympathy For The Database / The Robot Has Got the Blues - Worm Is Green