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super chicken returns

January 7, 2010


So it turns out that 'dubbing a chicken' is an actual livestock thing, where you cut off its comb and wattles so they don't get frostbite. (That's those red crinkly things on their heads.)  Who knew?  The guy at Ultimate Fowl Blog, that's who.

Meanwhile, here's some more dub-hop for y'all, just like the first set.

People been asking: why Super Chicken? It's like The Upsetter's Super Ape, except with a chicken. I thought it was obvious.

Super Chicken Returns / Satisfied? -  J-Live / Back Stage Pass - Qwel & Maker / The Jam - Shabba Ranks (feat. KRS-One) / Made I Look - June22 vs. Nas / Dub Explosion Interlude - Lyrics Born, DJ D-Sharp & DJ Icewater / Dubbing It Raw - King Tubby Vs. Ol Dirty Bastard (Macro Dubplates Mix) / Who Can Get Busy Like This Man... - Brand Nubian / Melody (Tom Caruana Remix) - DOOM / Truth Be Told - DJ Babu & Defari / Shinin' - Billy Woods / Money Rules Everything Around - King Tubby Vs. Wu Tang (Macro Dubplates Mix) / Hotter Reggae Music - Welton Irie / Is It Because I'm Black? - Ken Boothe / Tomorrow Dub - Gorillaz / Last Words - Ras I. Zulu vs. William S. Burroughs / Doom's Day Machine - Brain Damage / Clint Milkwood - Audio Two vs. The Upsetter vs. Rose, Age 9