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rakim : bless the mic

July 14, 2009


In honor of The Seventh Seal dropping-any-minute-now-really-honestly-really-it's-coming-out-this-time, here's some remixes and rare cuts.

What's the deal with Rakim?  Greatest MC of all time to anyone not fucked in the head.  Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. Originator of spiritual MCing and the internal rhyme scheme.  And no new album in ten years.

Reading the few interviews around, all I can tell is: the death of his father really messed him up; he's enjoying raising his kids; and Dre really jerked him around.  I'd bet he also has a really, really bad manager, probably his goofy brother-in-law or something.  I mean, what label is gonna turn down The God Himself?!

So I'm wondering how come the album is late.  Maybe he's giving us time to get the last six straight.

The Coronation of Rakhnaten (Opening Ceremony) / I Know You Got Soul (Dub) / Put Your Hands Together (Parkside Mix) / As the Rhyme Goes On (Pumpin' the Turbo - Chad Jay In Effect) / Follow The Leader (RJD2 Remix) / Complicatem (Pass The Hand Grenade Pt 2) / You Don't Fool Me / Bring It (Turn It Up) / Casualties Of War (Jazz Version) / Don't Sweat The Technique (Original) / Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (Brixton Upso Mix) / Heat It Up / Run (Freestyle) / Last Resort (a.k.a. Paid Off) / When I Be Flowin (King Tech Remix) / After U Die (feat. Truth Hurts) / Guess Who's Back (Buckwild Remix) / I'm Back (feat. Lil Fame) / Let The Rhythm Hit Em (Z-Trip Remix) / Microphone Fiend (Rage Mix) / The Coronation of Rakhnaten (Closing Ceremony)

Peep out Rap Dungeon and Hip Hop Is Read for more.

New single 'Holy Are You' just dropped; you can check it at The Message or here.