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prince paul vs. the world

August 20, 2010

princepaul.jpg When people rate their '90s producers, I never understood why Pete Rock came close second to Premier and Prince Paul way down the list.  (Not to be confused with this Prince Paul, or this one or this one, though it's typical wacky PP stylee that they all share the same name.)  I mean, Pete Rock's done some great joints, no doubt, but he kinda defined a sound in the way Nathan's defined hot dogs.  It's just a type of frankfurter. Prince Paul produced a steady string of some of the most creative and groundbreaking LPs before going for the gusto and cutting loose with the best (and only successful) concept records in all hip-hop, and some of the most innovative.  And the funniest.  Not too many actually funny cats in hip hop.  And I mean check the man's credits--Stetsasonic, 3 Feet High & Rising, Gravediggaz, Chubb Rock, Big Daddy Kane, Latifah, 3rd Bass, B.D.P., remixes galore. Anyways, two of his unreleased LPs have seen the light and coming from his best era, they're slammin': Resident Alien - It Takes A Nation Of Suckers To Let Us In (1990) [via Bloggerhouse] Horror City (1995) [via T.R.O.Y.] And if you don't have Prince Among Thieves, Psychoanalysis or Gold Dust, you should go buy them.  No money?  Paper route, motherfucker, paper route.