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nas : rematix

June 19, 2009


Nas has released 10 albums in 15 years, but everyone pisses and moans because 9 of them weren't Illmatic. That's like hating on George Washington Carver for not inventing something better than peanut butter.

Compared to a lot of MCs, Nas is still dropping steady heat (Exhibit A: "Queens Get The Money").  But really though, every album has some weak tracks--and not just the horrible, horrible radio singles.  Nas' problem has always been beats.

A solo rapper lacks the consistency a DJ brings to the sound and keeps the ego in check--the strength has always been in the triumvirate (Run-DMC, Cypress Hill) or the duo (Gang Starr, Eric B. & Rakim) or the everyone-into-the-phone-booth-thing (The Roots, Wu-Tang). Relying on beats-for-hire has made Nas' direction waver all over the place; it's that lack of a defined sound that makes people hate. Every Cypress Hill record is pretty much the same (just in ever-decreasing quality); every Nas record is different. To me, that's a strength.  It's just too bad he didn't hook up with the right DJ early on and drop steady solid.  When he does pick a good beat, it's fire.  When he doesn't...that's when the remixers step up.

So here we got an hour's worth of Nas remixes, freestyles and unreleased cuts. Peep it.

Hope (Kenzo Digital Remix) / Sucker MCs 2007 / Made You Look (#900 Remix) / Stillmatic (Paid In Full Mix) / DJ Clue Freestyle / The Foulness / Talk Of New York (Hard To Earn Mix) / NY State Of Mind Pt. 2 (Meaning of the Name Mix) / Made U Look (DJ ABD Run Remix) / Got Ur Self... (MIDIMarc Remix) / No Idea's Original (Kenzo Digital Remix) / Thief's Theme (Q-Fish Remix) / Streets Disciple (Original Version) / The Setup (Q-Fish Remix) / Affirmative Action (Man Mantis Remix) / One Love (MF Doom Remix) / Every Ghetto (Goodwill Projects’ Minority Report Remix) / Ghetto (feat. Joell Ortiz) (DJ Green Lantern Remix) / Life's A Bitch (DJ ABD C.R.E.A.M. Remix) / The Game (Dirty Harry's Biggie Remix) / Silent Murder / Get Down (Nick James Remix)