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March 7, 2011


Some shit what's been lighting up my earholes lately.  (Yeah, Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang is dope, but you knew that, right?)


Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick :: Sophomore Slump Vol. 1: Independents Day EP / women revolution tennis shoes

A lotta rappers/bands go through that moment when they blow up and have to stick with their artistic sensibility or go for the dough.  Sometimes they just feel like doing pop music I guess, but the records are a lot less interesting.  So imagine if Outkast had never gotten big, and their sound got rougher and grimier, funkier and stankier, and they went back to the knowing sly politics of Southernplayalistik...and then hooked up with some crazy Orko Eloheem or El-P type beats.  That's what you got here.  Shit is on some flipped grits fatback action.  ('Fight' is the cut at the bottom.)


Lionheart :: Spanish Bombs

If you're an old fuck like me, and stopped listening to rock music around the time 36 Chambers dropped,  The Clash is in your all-time top 5 bands.  (Unless you're more into Van Halen, in which case...seriously?  Van Halen?  Fuck outta here.)  And aside from the occasional rip-off of 'Sean Flynn' (I hope to hell M.I.A. is putting Strummer's kids through college now), there's a definite lack of Clash sampling going on.  Until now.  Lionheart dropped Spanish Bombs, a mixtape of Clash samples and his lyrics.  Definitely check it.


Passion Junkies.it presents :: Dolphyn Surround

If you're an old fuck like me, you also listen to bebop jazz, and you know your Dolphys from your Cannonball Adderleys.  Come on, son, Premier listens to this stuff, it's not just for goatee-strokers.  Anyway.  Eric Dolphy was that dude.  I know actual jazz musicians who won't fuck with him because his shit is too crazy...and dukes died in 1964.  Passion Junkie's put together a comp of Dolphy remixes which has got some great tracks on it; some of it is too glowsticky electronica for me, but check it out.  You know you wanna peep the skills of some Italian beatmakers.  (I need to make a Bebop for B-Boys mix.)

Aight, I'm out.  Gonna go check out the Blacula soundtrack.