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M.O.A.T. [indie MC division] :: C-Rayz Walz

August 11, 2011


So in Greek mythology, you had the Titans who ruled over the Golden Age.  Cronos was the king Titan, but because he heard this prophecy his kids would overthrow him, he'd eat them as soon as they were born.  This one time his wife gives him a rock instead and raises the kid in secret.  When Zeus grows up he cuts his pop's stomach open and frees his siblings, who all grew up in there with only that baby-Zeus-sized rock to play with.  (That must've pretty much sucked.)  They establish the Olympic pantheon of the Greeks, Romans and all those paintings and sculptures of swan rape and flying sandal wearing naked muhfuckas from your high school art history class.

Where was I going with this?  Uh...shit.  Oh, right: if we cast El-P as the Zeus of the millenial indie-rap pantheon, the best and most overlooked MC from there is C-Rayz Walz.  He's like the Hephaestus of that click, the blacksmith god: he stays underground steady pounding iron and steel.

Growing up in the Golden Age Titan's stomach of the BX--you know what, I think that's enough with the Greek shit now--Walz has steady dropped bombs on your moms for over a decade.  He never disappoints and always comes hard, with LPs chock full of lunchables and few deletables.  Even on guest shots he usually outshines his host and when he has guests of his own you just want them to pipe down so the man can spit.  When he goes mid-tempo he sorta sounds like Redman +100 I.Q. points but mostly his shit is unmistakeable and unfuckwittable.

Walz' freestyle skills are legendary and his rhymes are packed tight with gems.  Peep this:

Walking Cerberus with a Raising Hell t-shirt

Crackheads get snatched up for stem cell research

Aside from knowing that Cerberus is the three-headed guard dog of the underworld in Greek mythology (see, I knew there was a reason I went with that), you need to know what a stem is...it's on some cleverly complex shit, plus the ill rhyme scheme.

Is Walz unknown enough to qualify as Most Overlooked of All Time?  He most definitely gets a lot less shine than he deserves, so yeah.

His best LP by far is 2005's Year of the Beast, which got a nice free remix treatment by the Beatnikz earlier this year.  The new free LP with Dub MD, All Blvck Everything, officiakally knocks..."an amuse-gruel for the main course All Blvck Everything LP" which is supposed to drop in the fall.  Amuse gruel?  Is that some kinda Greek thing?

Get yourself those and you'll be straight.  Below is "All Blvck Everything," produced by Labrinth.  Which is where the Minotaur used to hang.