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juice on a loose electric wire (vol. 6)

December 22, 2008


All mashup edition.  Most mashups are ass ups: let's take two shitty pop songs and put them together!  Now they blow twice as much!  These are fire, though.

I know this mix is going for the lowest common denominator, but I'm trying to learn to flip a tight mix. Like how Mondrian was a realist painter and then started taking things out, until all that was left was squares and lines. Not like I'm gonna be the Mondrian of beats or anything. The Mondrian of beats is...uh, I don't really know who that would be. Pete Rock, maybe.

But if this don't rock your New Year's Eve party, you took the wrong drugs.

Psycho Ill Logical Intro / Jay-Z vs. Jimi Hendrix - TimG / Kurupt & Roscoe vs. Jimi Hendrix - DJ Muggs / Notorious B.I.G. vs. Jimi Hendrix - DJ Doc Rok / Beastie Boys vs. Jimi Hendrix - CosmoKramer / Ludacris vs. Led Zeppelin - DJ Redeye / Public Enemy vs. Led Zepplin - Z-Trip / The Gravediggaz vs. Metallica - DJ Topcat / Jay-Z vs. The Beatles - DJ Danger Mouse / M.O.P. vs. The Stooges - Elmattic