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go tell it on the mainframe

December 8, 2007


Remember Saturn 3?  The killer robot scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.  That was a messed up movie.  Harvey Keitel, Kirk Douglas and Farah Fawcett, with a script by Martin Amis, yet it sucked.  Actually, my mom took me to see The Man Who Fell to Earth around then and that scared me a lot more.  I was down with it until David Bowie took his skin off and his freaky eyeballs were showing.  Then we had to leave.  Anyway, let's kick back and listen to the music.

Antimatter - Radar / Mind Over Matter - DJ Faust / Battle For The Mind - Mixmaster Mike / Web - The Reavers / Worldwide Computer God Secret Containment Policy - Francis E. Dec vs Qaballah Steppers (Elmattic Reassembly) / One Source Reality - Dan Gardner / Parallel Universe Dub - The Nothing / Synaptic Dissonance - DJ Spooky / Interrupted Data - Qaballah Steppers (feat. Likkl Jerr) / Voices Of The Ether - Dalek / James Woods Is Bugging / Death Wish - Katana / Burner - Odd Nosdam / Survivalism - Vitamin String Quartet / Go Tell It On The Mainframe / Cellular Antiquity - DJ Espionage / Animal Expansion - Low In The Sky