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December 21, 2012


So uh...the world was supposed to end today?  Probably didn't?

Man, that apocalyptic shit gets tired.  Most of y'all are probably too young to remember everybody freaking out that the world was gonna end on January 1st, 1000.

I read that the Mayan calendar ended on that date because it was carved on a temple.  And they ran out of room and were all, 'Well we ain't building another temple.  My hand fucking hurts.  2012, that's like hundreds of years from now, that's enough, let's go get a beer.'

Anyways.  The final instalment of Best Joints of 2012.  Hosted by Orson Welles.

Reputation - Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson / Bust Shots - Wu-Block (Ghostface Killah, Sheek Louch & Inspectah Deck) / I Shall Not Be Moved - Public Enemy / Crocodile Tears - Billy Woods / Memoirs Of 2071 - Verbezerker (Waatu & Vig Vega) / Rhymin Slang (Dave Sitek Remix) - JJ DOOM / The Don - Nas / Southern Fried - Killer Mike / Black Roses - Bigg Jus / Walk Hard - Gangrene / Odd Future - Short Fuze & Nasa / The Mad Writer - L'Orange (feat. yU) / I Know Why You Mad - Troy Ave / Good Luck - Lil Chuuuch / Brown - Homeboy Sandman / In The Middle Of Infinity-3 - 3:33 / 2012 - KRS-One 

 The recap:

If the world did end it's too bad you didn't get to hear this, it has some great tracks on it.  Also, you know, sorry about the dying and fire and destruction and whatever.  Floods and shit. Comets.