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August 23, 2018


Lost mix from 2008 I made exclusively for some mixtape website in Amsterdam.  Like all independent mix sites, it's long gone,* and this one's a good one, so as we roll to the end of the road I thought I'd throw it out there. 

It's from the early days so the mixing could be better, but I'll leave posthumous remixing to my heirs.  Anyway what the fuck do y'all care, you only listen to Spotify playlists now.

I Need A Beat - LL Cool J / Beats & Pieces - Coldcut / Strong Beats From A Strong Man - DJ Mark the 45 King / The Perfect Beat - Talib Kweli (feat. KRS-One) / Jimmy's Bonus Beat - Jungle Brothers / Just A Beat - Eric B. / Master's Bonus Beats - Master O.C. & Krazy Eddie / Beats - DJ Shadow & DJ Krush / Bonus Beat - DJ Premier / Bonus Beat - RJD2 / Bonus Beats - Odd Nosdam / Beats Within - Spectre / Beataholic Reformatory - Ryu (feat. The Beat Knuckles) / Mary Break - Disrupt / Break - Saul Williams / Cowbell Break - Boiler Room Collective / Break That Break - Wu-Tang Clan / Break - Cut Chemist / Breaks - Rob Swift / The Break Witch Project - DJ Junk


*Still on the Mixcloud though, where you can find another lost mix of mine: An Antique Fork, How Long Will It Last?  The whole point of that one was all the tracks had strange names, but I don't have the tracklist anymore, so now it's just a mix of weird shit.