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a rhythm runs 4 it

August 29, 2013


Just some beats. Some nice beats. You can pump 'em while you're driving around in your Buick naked with a bag of frozen peas in your lap, or when you're doing your Aztec Workout Regime, or when you're cooking up some recipe you got off an Action Bronson verse. When you're chilling on the L train looking hard wearing Timberland boots. At your next artisanal microbrewery malt liquor tasting party. When you're out picking beans with your Zune clipped to your straw hat. Or whenever. It's on you, b. 

The Funky Cypress Hill Shit (Instrumental) - Cypress Hill / Recognize - DJ Quest / Another Club Trax - DJ Mark the 45 King / Blow Your Head - Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s / Mack's Stroll/The Getaway (Chase Scene) - Willie Hutch / Word is Bond - DJ Revolution / Untitled - The Crystal Pharoah / Somethingtabumpinyacar - Dr. Dre / I Hear Em' Talkin' - Alphabethead / Sweet Cream In It - Jel / My Fucking Records - Falside / Sharpen the Blades - Agartha Audio / This That Shit (Instrumental) - Erick Sermon / Wild and Crazy (Instrumental) - Dan The Automator / Gangstas My Style - Prince Paul / Dinner Music - Dert / Peek a Boo Part 2 - DJ Signify / The Windham Song - DJ Mayonnaise / There I Go (Down Stream) - PSY/OPSogist