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portrait of a year on fire


Don't need to tell you how the year went.  But music-wise, another amazing one.  This is the first half of the Best of MMXX: Portrait of a Year on Fire.  Portrait of a World on Fire.

AKA Tentin Quarantino's Once Upon A Time...In My House.

Lost In The Future - The Stooges / Hell Up In Harlem Intro - Swave Sevah x Parallel Thought / Repulsion - Bonzo / When It Happens (Don't Mind Me) - NIN / Sloth - Skrapez / Guillotine - AMANI x KING VISION ULTRA / The carnal soul - Saint Abdullah / 1492 - AZOMALI / 56 - Crimeapple x MichaelAngelo / Spurs 3 - Conway (feat. Benny The Butcher & Westside Gunn) / Power - Killy Shoot x Tone Beatz (feat. General Back Pain) / Once Upon A Time In Somnath - FRKSE / if kane battled ra, kool g rap would win - Small Professor / Parables - Armand Hammer (feat. Akai Solo) / Risk - The Alchemist / the edge of new clothes - Open Mike Eagle / Children Of Never - Preservation (feat. AG) / Where Do I Begin? - Controller 7 x Buck 65 / exhausted - serengeti / OMENS & TOTEMS - R.A.P. Ferreira / P.R.A.Y. - Ka / wading for the hour - BLACK QUANTUM FUTURISM / What is Lost, We Will Win - dälek / Now You Sit Alone - 24-Carat Black / Magnificent Interview - Killah Priest



the scar spattered blather


This American Carnage / fight - Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick / Kill Your Masters - Run The Jewels (feat. Zach de la Rocha) / Severed Heads Of State - Ill Bill (feat. El-P) / Pro Wrestling - billy woods / Captain Caveman - Demigodz (feat. Apathy, Celph Titled & R.A. The Rugged Man) / The National Anthem (National Resistance of America Remix) - Radiohead (feat. Dana Loesch) / America - Death Comet Crew / Amerikkka's Most Wanted - Ice Cube (Isjberg Remix) / Burn Baby Burn - 2 Black 2 Strong / Arrest The President - Tragedy Khadafi (Intelligent Hoodlum) / Amerikkkan Horror Story - Ras Kass / Fuck Donald Trump - YG (feat. Nipsey Hussle) / Illegals - Jasiri X (feat. Rhymefest) / Great Nation - Malcolm & Martin (feat. Bambu) / Proudhon - E.K. Collective / Capital Punishment In America - Lench Mob / Caesar's Rise - Kemba / Typical American (Instrumental) - The Goats / Discoverlude - Twilight of the Idols / Impeach The President - The Honeydrippers / Who Will Survive America? - Amiri Baraka / Fight The Power (Parts 1 & 2) - The Isley Brothers / Star Spangled Banner - Marvin Gaye / Fight The Power - Public Enemy


this american carnage (oh hail no to the chief)


Kick off your Independence (sic) Day weekend with this.


bad lieutenant (badges, bullets, beatings & bodies)


Cops have been killing people, and people have been getting outraged about it, and the cops have gotten off scott free, for over 150 years.  Freddie Gray, killed by the Baltimore PD on April 19th, was the 346th person killed by a cop this year.

Some of y'all old enough to remember Eleanor Bumpurs? Amadou Diallo? Micheal Stewart? And so on. This shit ain't new. It just goes on and on.

Pigs - Homeboy Sandman / Who Protects Us From You? - Boogie Down Productions / Hands Up - Vince Staples / NYC Cops - Heems / The Headcracker - Double XX Posse / Pigs Is Over - Malcolm & Martin (feat. Bambu) / Pig Iron - billy woods / Jordan Miles - Jasiri X / Good Cop/Bad Cop - Blahzay Blahzay / Piglets - Guilty Simpson / Mr. Officer - Ka / Cop Crush - Odd Nosdam / We Living In These Dark Times - Uncommon Nasa / Made You Die - Dead Prez, Mike Flo & Mos Def / Film The Police - Toki Wright, Jasiri X, Sage Francis & B. Dolan / Fuck Officer Wahl & The SDPD #9 - Tenshun / Police Get Busy (Black Thought x Dead Kennedys) - Max Tannone / Fuck Tha Police (Live) - Rage Against The Machine

the falling


About this photo (by Richard Drew), theologian Mark Thompson wrote:

Perhaps the most powerful image of despair at the beginning of the twenty-first century is not found in art, or literature, or even popular music. It is found in a single photograph.

I don't think it's an image of despair.  But it is a more powerful image of 9/11 than any I have found in art, or literature, or music.  Like so many of the thousands of images, we simply can't comprehend it wholly.

Ten years on we have no definitive, or even adequate, artistic response.  Martin Amis gave us 'Mohammad Atta was very constipated.'  Park Slope darling Jonathan Safran Foer went with some Haley Joel Osment bullshit...and a fucking flipbook of a Twin Tower jumper. Oliver Stone gave us Towering Inferno Redux. United 93 is nerve-racking, but not transformative.  Even Don DeLillo, whose The Falling Man is sampled here, only managed to give us 15 pages actually about 9/11, and the rest is about compulsive gambling and modern art or some shit.

I think this might be because the events are so impossible to comprehend.  Guys taking weeks of flight training, knowing it is all so they can kill themselves.  Slitting pilots' throats with boxcutters.  Flying airplanes into buildings.  First, it seemed a tremendous and impossible accident--a plane crashing into the World Trade.  Then another?  What were we seeing?  Was it a replay of the first?  Listening to all the recordings in the first few minutes, no one knows what could be happening.  It seemed impossible that the towers could collapse--how could modern American skyscrapers just crumble like that?  Into nothing?  Then those unbelievably fast, unbelievably dark clouds of smoke.  The snowfall of ash, so much ash--all those buildings not reduced to chunks of rubble, but to all that unearthly dust.  I saw the vestigal steel frame they called The Shroud.  It was hard to believe that was all that was left of those two hugely massive buildings.

The World Trade Center was already an impenetrable part of the skyline.  From far away they looked flat, dominating and looming yet almost insubstantial, changing color throughout the day from orange to fishscale-silver to absorbent black.  Nearly featureless, brutalist, like monoliths.  Up close their dizzying height, the steel frontage flying up, straight up.

And the jumpers: how can you hope to understand having to choose between burning to death or throwing yourself from eighty, ninety, a hundred stories up?  About two hundred people did this.  So when I look at that photo I see something I can't fathom.

If I see anything, I see Icarus.  So much of 9/11 is Icarus: Mohammad Atta, the planes, the jumpers, the towers, America.

This year's remembrance swirls around what has changed, what hasn't changed, what have we learned, what haven't we learned.  Forget all that noise.  Listen.  Remember.  Try to grasp it.

Chapter 1 - A.M. Breakups / 005 - MHE / 9:03am - Clint Mansell/Kronos Quartet, Autolect, cLOUDDEAD / Clouds of Smoke (instrumental) - Call O' Da Wild / Icarus Falling Reprise - PSY/OPSogist / 9:59am-10:28am - Chris Craft, Brain Damage / Dead Flag Blues - godspeed! you black emperor / Snow (instrumental) - Roc Marciano


The Expiration Date [DL]

The Expiration Tape [DL]

My Pet Goat [DL]

libyan technique :: ibn thabit


What we're seeing across North Africa and the Middle East is a youth revolution, driven by disenfranchisement and a lack of opportunities.  Hip hop has always been the original soundtrack for that.  It started in the city Ford told to drop dead, and since "The Message" it's been the theme music for angry young people whose rage is against poverty, ghettos and repression--political, racial and economic.  Public Enemy made politics and fist-up rebellion their sound, and the torch's been carried by a handful since then.

Hip hop's been international for years, go get a late pass.  I remember reading about Polish MCs in crumbling Soviet-era projects saying they couldn't understand the words of hip-hop, but the beats and the message still spoke to them.  There are ghettos all over the world, and hip hop is there.  OK, sure, it gets watered down here and over there as party music, gangsta posturing and fake rebellion in fitteds and sagging shorts, but on the real it's what Chuck D (in his Hannah Arendt moment) called 'the CNN of the ghetto,' now more than ever.

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What we've seen across the Middle East and North Africa is inspiring.  After a decade where the only option to fight against hopelessness seemed to be to put C4 in your underpants, the hashtag revolutions of 2011 have been unprecedented and unforeseen.  If anyone had said six months ago 'gee, maybe there will be mass demonstrations which will overthrow governments in half a dozen countries,' they'd have been the laughingstock of the Rand Institute, CNN and the State Department.  BREAKING NEWS: MIDEAST ANALYST IS A DREAMY HIPPIE, POSSIBLY HIGH.

I'm a little bit dubious about how much social media drove these uprisings.  I mean, I make probably more than a gaggle of Tunisians, and I can't afford an iPhone.  I don't check my Facebook that regular.  It's probably a lot more complicated than that.  But smarter people than me argue about it here, here, here and here.

Simultaneously, across the US mass protests are taking place at state capitols against budget cuts and depowering unions.  In Europe, the same.  Why are all these cuts taking place and screwing us?  The financial crisis, brought about by the bankers and stockbrokers.  The issue in the Middle East and North Africa isn't democracy, it's living standards, oppression and corruption.  It's the same damn thing, but we're falling for the rope-a-dope.

Don't tell me we live in a democracy in the West.  We live in a kleptocracy.  It's just our corruption, greed and stealing from the people is legal.

My beloved, let's get down to business--lemme hear you say...


The Hashtag Revolutions Mixtape:

Looking For Freedom - Ibn Thabit (Libya) / Last Days - The Arab Summit / We Protest - The Are / Ana Fhemtkoum - Mohamed Ali Ben Jemaa (Tunisia) / Poverty & Corruption - Ibn Thabit (Libya) / Not Your Prisoner - Arabian Knightz (feat. Shadia Mansour & Fredwreck) (Egypt) / Wa2t El Thawra Gaya - Revolution Records (Egypt) / Ta7ya Tounes - El General (feat. Mr Shooma) (Tunisia) / Back Down Mubarak! - Master Mimz (Egypt) / Land Of Yemen - Dirty Flame / Yalla Back to Yemen - Loki da Trixta / Ded El 7koma (Against The Government) - Ramy Donjewan (Egypt) / #Jan25 - Amir Sulaiman, Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah & Sami Matar (Egypt) / Awakening - Badawi / Justice Tomorrow - The Arab Summit / To Be Continued - Raz Mesinai / #fightthepower


Peep these out:

  • Khalas Mixtape Vol. 1 - Mish B3eed (also at DatPiff): “Khalas” means “enough”, “stop” or “end” in Arabic. It’s also the title of this new mixtape featuring a group of hip hop artists from Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria and Libya who are fed up and have gotten together to spread their message that oppression must end, regardless of nationality and borders. Mish B3eed, or ‘Not far,’ refers to the sense of solidarity that these youth feel across borders, the similarities of their causes and the oppressors they face, their physical proximity and the sense that our ultimate goal is within sight.”

they live we sleep


Must not sleep.  Must warn others.


Beast Vision - Nephlim Modulation Systems / Delirium #3 - Tenshun / Psychic Dictatorship - Red Ants / Government Secret - Mix Master Mike / On Your Retina - PSY/OPSogist / Slaves - Presage / No Masters - DJ Blood1 / Necessary Illusions - Abnorml Injustice / #35 - The Gaslamp Killer / Delirium #6 - Tenshun / Notice The Spirit - ATMA, Apakalypse & Illuminati Congo / Zombie [Counter] - Alphabethead / Operation World Domination - Spectre / Channel Assign - Jel / They Hate - Dockta Valkus / Reptilian Agenda - B. Dolan / She Watch Channel Zero - Public Enemy / Wake Up (Bubblegum Edit) - Rage Against The Machine / Full System Station - El-P / Emmanuel Goldstein - Super Chron Flight Brothers (feat. Bigg Jus) / Outro

Bonus track: ATMA & Illuminati Congo - Reptilian Body Snatchers

the production of means


So, how's your recession going?  Yeah, mine too.  Being an old school head, I preferred the first depression when the bankers and stockbrokers threw their monkey asses out the window instead of giving themselves huge bonuses.  And inventing the Commodity Index to make my groceries more expensive.

In honor of how much things are sucking, and this article about rappers' worst-ever jobs, here's the recession mixtape.

I Get Money (Goldman Sachs Remix) - Apex / I Ain't With Being Broke - Geto Boys / It All Comes Down To The Money - Whodini & Terminator X / Fuckajob - Soul Position (Blueprint & RJD2) / 9-5ers Anthem - Aesop Rock / Lunch Money - Qwel & Maker / Clockers - M.A.D. (Dr. Monokrome, Thrill Gates & Billy Woods) / Money - KRS-One (feat. MC Lyte) / The Ka$H - Malcolm & Martin / Funds - Blockhead / Get Rich or Try Dying - Despot / Valet at the Players Ball - Kentucky Prophet / $ (aka Cash Rule) - Bronze Nazareth / Pimps (Free Stylin' At The Fortune 500 Club) - The Coup / The Financial Crisis Song - Open Mike Eagle / Money (Dollar Bill Y'all) - Jimmy Spicer / Get Rich Quick (Marmaduke Remix) - Super Chron Flight Brothers (feat. Tom Vu) / Outro (feat. Patrick Bateman)

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