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K-The-I??? Just Got Hit In The Head With A Brick

DSC00579.jpg You know I'm all about that willfully obscure, fucking bizarre crazy shit. K-The-I??? is basically Saul Williams if Saul Williams could actually flow and didn't take himself so goddamn seriously. K's beats are insane. The rhyming is flowing on some stream-of-collective-unconsciousness tip, and often totally off the beat in ways that makes the songs ride the line between beautiful noise and that's-just-irritating-cacaphony.  He raps like someone just hit him in the head with a brick. You have to learn how to listen to it.  It was the same with early P.E.--the first time I dropped the needle on the Bring the Noise 12", I was flipping the speed between 33 1/3 and 45 because it sounded so ill.  36 Chambers was like that too--you have to work for it to find the beauty in the beat. We're beyond that 'I'ma rhyme about UFOs and the pyramids because it makes me sound deep' territory now. This is avant-garde hip hop. This is fucking art right here. If Cannibal Ox was hip hop's answer to Miles & Coltrane, K-The-I??? is hip hop's Charles Mingus.  And Dalek is Ornette Coleman with a mouthful of mashed potatoes. To put it another way, if Edan is Backpacker World's Eminem (talented whiteboy overly concerned with farts and drugs), K-The-I??? would be its Biggie. I'll be running a few of his songs in the '09, but peep this cat out. K-The-Myspace??? with some tracks. Teletron 1 - early track Angry Space (V8, K-The-I??? & Shortrock) - Free EP Anyone who's got some of his pre-Broken Love Letter shit, hit me up, I can't find it nowhere nohow. Or the Youth:Kill 7". Hit the button down there for 'Sabbath Faster'.

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