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the usual roughnecks


It's your Best of 2015 Roundup, Rappitty-Rap Rapping edition. Just the bangingest bangers and the hottest heaters and the tastiest joints.

Blacka - Blackalicious / World Premier - Czarface (feat. Large Professor) / Man Plans God Laughs - Public Enemy / Razor Blade Rhyme - A-F-R-O / The History of Atlantis - B. Dolan / Fractured - Guilty Simpson (feat. Fat Ray) / Organ Donor - SHIRT / Garbanzo Beans/4 No Reason - Sean Price / Rubble Kings (Dynamite On The Street) - Run The Jewels / Paris Texas - Jel & Odd Nosdam / Yesman Shit - Apollo Brown (feat. Sean Price & REKS) / Unlimited Metro Card - Your Old Droog & Statik Selektah / Falconry - Action Bronson (feat. Meyhem Lauren & Big Body Bes) / Bodega! - Bodega Bamz & Statik Selektah / Dooo It! (Remix) - R.A. The Rugged Man / Hell's Messenger - Jedi Mind Tricks / I'll Die For This Shit - The Cornel West Theory (feat. Queen Helene of Les Nubians) / Kirk Fuckin' Douglas - The Alchemist

The Six Best Rappitty-Rapping Records of the Year*
Guilty Simpson :: Detroit's Son
Can't get enough of the D's sharpest hattori hanzo, and don't understand why this record hasn't been on anyone else's lists this year.  It's his hardest, sharpest, meanest, illest, blessedest work to date, more on point than a box of needles.  An all-around 7th place for album of the year. 

Sean Price :: Songs In The Key of Price / About 85,000 Guest Verses
My favorite actors have always been character actors--the guys who come in as weird sidekicks, creep-ass villains, but always make their mark.  This record ain't here because we lost him, it's because it's a damn fine record.  P was one of the greats and most definitely gone too soon.  He was a rapper's rapper who never turned down a guest verse but always brought his A-game to it, endlessly quotable, with more punchlines than Nintendo's unreleased Mike Tyson: Punch Factory. He got stoopid without ever being ignorant--he slips in more political lines than he gets credit for.  P! was the illest of the usual roughnecks.

Inspectah Deck, 7L and Esoteric came back to body you on this one, bringing along Meth, DOOM, GZA, Large Pro and other thugs. Just a good, solid album for all your head-nodding, mad-face-making needs.

Action Bronson :: Mr. Wonderful 
The second most notorious Albanian in the tri-state area comes through again. Like every Bronson record, it's hit and miss on the beat choices, but also solid as his massive gut when he does hit it. Dude has cemented his career, and I now can't see any haute cuisine reference like 'scrape a ravioli envelope' or 'venison au jus reduction' without thinking 'I wonder how Action Bronson would rhyme that into a deviant sexual act?'

Jedi Mind Tricks :: The Thief & The Fallen
If you were ever down with JMT, this is their comeback from Stoupe forgetting how to make beats. Just forget the last 10 or so years happened. If you like that 'Cypress Hill, but with more beheadings' sound, this one's for you.

Your Old Droog :: Kinison EP
I kinda think I'm over this dude. He's definitely nice with the rhyming of the words, mostly picks good beats, but there's something too...technical? Something missing, I don't know if it's a narrative or sense of character or charisma. I just don't know who the droogie is somehow. I mean, content-wise Redman is not exactly Virginia Woolf,** but you feel like you know the guy, he's that cat you got high with in the parking lot that one time or whatever.  With Droog I don't get that. I like the work but I'm not catching feels from it.  OK not really selling this, but the EP is solid work.

*Fuck arbitrary round numbers and fuck long lists. Like I'm really gonna go peep out all 100 records you recommended. I have five jobs for fuck's sake.
**If Redman is now inspired to do a three-CD Mr Dalloway concept album, come back and thank me.

elephants of style


So 2014 was supposed to be The Worst Year In Rap Ever? C'mon son. Worst year to be Syrian, maybe. Or Yazidi. Or Ukrainian. Or to get Ebola. Or to be in a cop-on-black encounter. But worst year in rap ever? Y'all just making up stupid shit to argue about on the Rap Internets. Seems to me it was the year of big-ass, dusty elephant beats and another exponential jump forwards in rap styles. 

First up we got the best-of mix for the second half (cop the first here):

Rap Stampede - Guilty Simpson / Behold The Opera - The Black Opera / "Produced By The RZA" - Stripclub Casino / Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) - Run The Jewels (feat. Zack De La Rocha) / Jonathan - Hail Mary Mallon / Everything Bagel - Rob Sonic / Re-Escape - The Hinderance (feat. L.I.F.E.Long) / Shoot The Piano Player - Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers (feat. Has-Lo) / Worlds Apart - J-Live / Loosie In The Store With Pennies - Your Old Droog / Sands - ATOMS / Criminal Childish - PremRock (feat. Curly Castro) / War Drum - Loop Minded Individuals (feat. Moe Pope, Roc Doogie, Elucid) / Here We Go - Diabolic (feat. Coast) / Binary Thinking - Skipp Coon / Fck - Chester Watson / This Bodega (Is Trying To Kill Me) - Uncommon Nasa (feat. Elucid) / B.E.T. - Armand Hammer / Mood Swings - Henry Canyons (feat. billy woods) / Stop Growing - L'Orange (feat. Meyhem Lauren & billy woods) / Stolen Norman Rockwells - SHIRT / In Gaol - milo (feat. Kool AD) / Big Pretty Bridges (3 Days Off In Abuquerque) - Open Mike Eagle / So It Goes - Ratking / Lost Prophet Report - Ka / Sleepwalk - SleepwalkERS / Ishmael - Shabazz Palaces

Albums of the Year :: 14 for '14
Top 5

1) Ratking :: So It Goes Been a long time since I heard a record that took me back to eating purple mescaline at the downtown Halloween parade. Every time rap seems to be starting to be divided between dumb teenage shit and grown man stuff, some kids come along and jumpstart it all again. Just like the first Cypress Hill LP threw rap forwards ten steps (and similarly introduced the joy of high-pitched nasal rapping), I felt the same kinda excitement about So It Goes. It's anthemic, generation-defining without setting out to do that. Somehow it crosses way into the past and way into the future, it's the cast of Wild Style in Kids, it's an episode of Welcome Back Kotter where Special Guest Star Rammellzee on some Kazoo shit time-jumps them into a 2039 of poplocking robots. It's The Basketball Diaries via Jamel Shabazz Vines. It's smoking hash on an autumn afternoon and watching Herculoids with a girl you can't quite figure out. It's one of those records that distills and jumps off from the last NYC trio's zetigeist LP, in rap tradition--Run-DMC begat License to Ill begat Funcrusher Plus begat Cold Vein begat So It Goes. It's not a revival or a resurrection. It's new blood, flowing.

2) Skipp Coon :: Miles Garvey I been checking on the regular for new from Skipp Coon since the one-two of 2010's women revolution tennis shoes and Sophmore Slump. Was worth the wait. Political rap can be polemic, didactic, oversimplistic and reductive; more than anything, it can be all rage and no soul, all political and no personal.  Skipp Coon overstands and overcomes all that. He's a prophet of rage, sure, with coals in the belly but also an ox-sized heart. It's a father's anger, not a collegiate rebellion, closer to late The Coup LPs than early P.E. Rebellion Assemble! superheroes.

The thing that struck me about Bobby Shmurda's video wasn't the dumb dance. It was the kid's thousand yard stare, soulless, empty eyes staring out as he mumbled lyrics about three kinds of death. This was a young black man we'd all failed, who just happened to go from viral video/novelty dance/dancing on record exec's conference table on some Invisible Man shit/indictment and tearful perp walk in less than a year. It's a good song. It's everything that went wrong with hip hop. Skipp Coon is reparations. I wish more cats would hear this record when they bitch about the lack of rap addressing the year's police shootings. We don't need knee-jerk singles from Jay and Kanye hashtagging #icantbreathe, we need the depth in this record.

3) Shabazz Palaces :: Lese Majesty On the real, at first I really thought this wasn't as good as the earlier records, but once I cut out the songs I don't like I couldn't stop listening to this. It's like wearing intergalactic plushpluvial Dapper Dan underpants. It tastes like purple. But it still has street weight, still has depth, still transcendent. It's exactly the record we should've expected 20 years after Reachin', here in the future where we have talking computers in our pockets and flying killer robots fighting wars.

4) Ka & Preservation :: 1200BC Just a 5 track taste, but better than most anyone's long player. Ka's narrative compression as always rewards multiple replay, and while maybe I prefer his own beats to Preservation's, it's another brick in Ka's discography cementing his legend. I spoke at length on this cat last year and the year before. He's still standing.

5) Armand Hammer :: Furtive Movements Once again Elucid & woods give us the dark, bitter political fruit for a year where we needed it most. If shit seems to be getting refracted through The Purge: Anarchy into a locked cycle of oppression and death, woods & Elucid are the sidekicks on the sidelines growling discourse and commentary like a Statler & Waldorf duo merged with Chomsky & Fanon.

Next 9 In Semi-Alphamabetical Order
The Black Opera :: The Great Year When Sister Souljah met Mother Courage.  That time Biggie starred in the kabuki play Yotsuya Kaidan.  Great beats on this one, interesting range.  This one definitely got slept on.

Dday One :: Dialogue With Life After a three year hiatus since Mood Algorithms, Dday One returns with another LP of his finely crafted, superbly arranged instrumental beats.

I said most of what I gots to say about these cats previously, but these new records see them pushing the antelope of what we define as 'rap,' taking their styles into more introspective, more personal territory. Playing Teju Cole to Mike's Paul Beatty, milo explores his hopes and griefs over ever-more ethereal beats, and M. Eagle whittles his wit to a sharp point and pokes us with it.

These three cats are keeping the underground alive, the heavy gritty shit. Lazy bitches might say it's the post-Def Jux sound, survivors of the backpacker purge sneaking around the ruins. True maybe but these records take it forwards, evolve the style and develop it.  The word density is there. The crunch of beats and Wall of Nails sound is still there. But there's a sense of forward direction, a sense of playfulness that was absent from the multisyllabic seriousness of the late '90s.  This ain't throwback, it's pass forwards.

SHIRT gave himself an un-SEOable name and a record title that's...is it supposed to be all-encompassing, braggadocio omnipotent, or fuck you punk rock generic like the supermarket in Repo Man? I don't know. He pulled a publicity stunt where he faked the entire NY Times site. I thought it was kinda funny. Took balls. Doesn't matter. The kid can rap. He raps the fuck out of the rapping. You slept. Cop it.

Like SHIRT, Droog is a young kid from NY who raps. And kills it dead.  Difference being this kid blew the fuck up off the back of some dumbass Illuminati Youtube conspiracy mindedness that he was Nas in disguise (recap for my four readers who get all their rappity-rap news here.)  This created a Scooby Doo level mystery and not-suspenseful reveal.  I said it from the start: Droog can't be Nas, because Nas has never read A Clockwork Orange, and the one time he tried to watch the movie he got too high and fell asleep on the couch. Case closed. Anyways. The kid can flow and comes out the box assured, game tight and measured. I expect some heavyweight belts in the next couple years.

So a lotta usual suspects here maybe, but worst year in rap? Fuck outta here. Get you some of these records and a nice bowl of cereal or a cream soda or something. Stay positive like the copper top side of a battery fam.

beef & brolic


Your 2014 half-time roundup of banging shit. Rappity-ass-rapping shit. Make you say 'GodDAMN' shit. Laying on the quadruple-guest-verse steez like a Dagwood sandwich to max out the word count.  Got beef?  Get brolic.

Nutty Bars - Your Old Droog / Oh Word? - Blueprint / $100 Taper - Rozewood (feat. Hus Kingpin) / Street Hop - Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild (feat. Troy Ave & Retch) / Anytime - Prodigy / Life's A Bitch - Timeless Truth / Take Off - SHIRT / God Particle - Army of the Pharaohs (Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Esoteric, Apathy & Celph Titled) / Thick Lord (Lord Finesse Remix) - D.I.T.C. / Truth Be Told - Gensu Dean & Guilty Simpson / Destroyer - The White Shadow of Norway (feat. Kool G Rap, Caustic Logic & KRS-One) / Ain't Nothing - Willie The Kid & Bronze Nazareth (feat. Boldy James) / Six Degrees - Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD (feat. Danny Brown) / Dirt - Mobb Deep / Silent Murder - Innocent? (feat. Ruste Juxx & Sean Price) / Bug Fights - Ratking

the year in freshness :: 2013

2013 left me with 400 songs worth keeping, amounting to a full day of good shit. That says something about the quality year we just had (and that I’m rap game audio packrat).

My top records has a lot of usual suspects you’ve heard me hosanna about before, but hell, they keep putting out consistently good music. I think the underground just keeps getting bigger, stronger and more diverse…and also more recognized: a grip of these picks also made big-time lists. Part of that is ‘nobody doesn’t like Danny Brown,’ and 'everybody was feeling that
Run The Jewels shit,' but Ka is getting some serious love too. Anyways let’s get into this shit.
Top 3 of the Year
In little more than a year or so Ka’s become a ‘rapper’s rapper,’ beloved by those who know what it’s about, and slept on by those who don’t.

The Night’s Gambit is a fully realized epic novel pared down and pared down and whittled down once again until each line can stand alone, like the letters are cut into steel by steel, then polished smooth with his sandpaper muttering. He’s taken GZA’s line-twisting, syllable-by-syllable build and compressed it even further. 

I read this article the other day saying that, if you apply enough pressure, molecules and atoms and particles rearrange themselves—so much so that peanut butter ups become diamonds. That’s what happens here: he slices down to the bone until the words glisten with lapidary brilliance. He’s taken rap’s entire history of street tales and boiled it down to a rust-dark sea that fits in a 40 oz. bottle.

There are two undercurrent themes on Night’s Gambit—the slum Bible, the ill Tarot: the spiritual search for meaning and the discipline that comes with it; and chess. While chess has been the 6th, 7th element of hip-hop since the Wu era, for Ka it becomes not only another mode of self-mastery, and the countering view of us as pawns in the game, but also a call of resistance—that the knight can champion, move sideways and attack.  There's other thematics—about luck, about chance, about destiny, and the search for grace.

No doubt the world Ka gives us is bleak, unrelenting—there is only the city, the man, and the struggle. There’s little bravado or humor. It’s Escape From New York Reloaded and Ghost Dog Returns. But if this is a Brownsville The Grey where Ka is solo punching the wolves with broken glass, well, it’s a cold world out there. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting a little frosty myself. But the hope comes from how we rise up against it; the record closes with the celebration of the art in “Off The Record”—as Chuck D said, hard times get me down I pump the hard rhymer. The music is where the salvation lies.

The beats once again are ghosts of fat beats for the man who plies his trade outside the ghost of Fat Beats: stripped down to base metals, barely loops but so finely chosen, only a hint of drums, like it’s been unraveling slowly off that same damn ‘Lo sweater from ’93, til infinity.

The world ground on him and he grinds back. The record is not simply good, it’s necessary. All praise is due; deserved.

This is probably cheating and unfair and gonna piss people off, but over the course of the year Elucid and billy woods (mics), A.M. Breakups, Blockhead & other great producers (beats) created this huge Oort Cloud of illness, a sprawling, four volume testament broadcast on dead city radio.

Cult Favorite brought down some Rap Game Blood Meridian shit, Elucid croaking out prophecy somewhere between Charles Manson and Stokely Carmichael, live from a combo command center and shooting gallery basement where A.M. cooks beats from formaldehyde, dirty pigeon wings and infrared light.

Over some dirty Blockhead beats, “bout it like Victor Bout,” Woods chewed on some dour candy to give us a Rap Game Manhattan Transfer, compressing geopolitical, sports, hip-hop and old school street references into a collection of portraits and vignettes on some No Exit From Brooklyn tip.

Together as Armand Hammer, they gave us “black steel in the hour of layoffs,” chewing bitterness and spitting nails. You got apostasy in my Clockers! No, you got Clockers in my apostasy! When woods says “go hard like Old Testament God / You burning bush? They livin’ large” and Elucid spits “catch him breaking fast where the angels laugh,” among other drops, the records catch the true spirit—the Yahweh who shits on Job to settle a bet with the Devil, kills the firstborn then lays down the law.  That's the world we living in. Woods be “pimping where the water ain’t fit for drinking,” and Elucid is “dead man’s Bally’s I’m sporting,” and us? We learning.

Like a rabbit leaves all those little poops, Milo's series of short records/EPs add up to one big album. Which is not what rabbit poops do, I got rabbit poop on the brain here. Though 'myxomatosis' sounds like the title of a Milo song. Though he’s been around for a couple of years, this was definitely his breakout year with a string of four incredibly strong releases.

Using minimalistic but lush off-kilter beats that kinda fall into the shoegaze/illbient/witchtit whatever the fuck they call that shit now, Milo wears his heart and his brain on his sleeve, giving us a look into his life and worldview so far beyond anything we’ve heard before. There’s been a lotta rappers lately making blogs swoon that I thought were just riffing or biting on DOOM, Kool Keith or Odd Future, whereas everything about Milo’s style is fresh and unique.

Playing PhD-Nice to Open Mike Eagle’s KRS-LOL, sort of, (OK not really, judges also would have accepted ‘Kool Moe PhDee to Hellfyre Club’s Persnickety Three’) there’s a syllabus level of references and name-checking ranging from Kierkegaard to Mamet to Mobb Deep, an intense love of wordplay, humor and quotables. The meandering, conversational tone creates an intimacy but also hides the level of work that’s gone in—not a throwaway line in sight.

But what is it that Milo is doing, exactly? Is he really even rapping? Is this more like poetry slam than what we’d define as hip-hop—what with the laidback-on-the-futon flow, the lack of beats or steadily staying on them? Is this taking nerd rap/art rap/emo rap into Moleskine rap? Is this Rap Game Whole Foods Wasabi Peas?

No, I think it isn’t. It’s far too sincere for that, ironic without being cynical, funny without just riffing, and smart without being pedantic. All I know is, for me, the Fried Rice Nietzsche raised the bar to another level. I heard a bunch of records this year which were decent, standard meat & potatoes joints about guns/drugs/lyrical ability/high-end footwear and just thought, ‘well, it’s pretty good, but ever since Milo it’s just not that interesting.’ Keep your eye on this kid, he’s gonna go all the way.

Best of the Rest
Aeon Grey :: Lead Breakfast Years in the making and it definitely shows. The level of craft is superlative, with guitar-tinged beats and well-wrought rhymes. A little bit of a throwback to mid/late ‘00s independent hip-hop but also a really personal and unique piece of work.
Danny Brown :: OLD Danny Brown still sounds hungry and came out hard as fuck on this one. Side A is some of his strongest work, and while Side B is that wooba-wubba shit the kids like, you can’t fuck with the party-gone-horribly-wrong anthem “Smokin & Drinkin.” Brown’s breakthrough was The Hybrid, and once again he shows he’s the hybrid of Ol’ Dirty and Spalding Gray on the wrong meds. Did Tina Turner have some kinda prancing, devilish, shabby court jester in Beyond Thunderdome? I forget. She shoulda. Cuz that dude woulda been Danny Brown.
Guilty Simpson & Small Professor :: Highway Robbery Guilty never fails to deliver and Small Pro really hooked up some slaps on this one. This just some old fashioned, hardbody, brolic, gully, knocking type shit, music to wear Timberland boots and army jackets to. Serious business.
Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) :: Bend But Don’t Break I been tryna put you peoples on to Blueprint for years now. I think some of his tightest work comes out of the Greenhouse Crew joints he does with Illogic, and BBDB is once again a really strong record combining tight drums and the expansive, Radiohead/Blade Runner sounds with the gruff and intelligent rhyming. Cop the deluxe edition with the instrumentals.
Jean Grae :: Gotham Down Never having gotten the props she deserves, and maybe feeling liberated by that to do whatever she wants, these three EPs are a lot more experimentalish and impressionistic than you might expect. That don't mean they don't bang though.
RA The Rugged Man :: Legends Never Die Look fam everybody knows RA can rap his fucking ass off. On this record, he raps his fucking ass off. There’s other MCs who can do that, but not many in his weight class…and there’s always this slightly disturbing undercurrent that there is something just not right in the head with this dude. Also having lost my father too, I’m man enough to admit “Legends Never Die (Daddy’s Halo)” had me weeping. Not too many hip-hop joints you can say that about.

Run The Jewels :: Run The Jewels You know what, I held a bias against this for a long while because I have this alternate-reality grudge where the El-P of a few years ago doesn’t go and hang around with indie-rock guys but gets all arty like he almost did when he did High Water, and does the best film soundtracks ever, and collabos with Philip Glass or some shit. But then I got that “Get It” beat stuck in my head for three days and decided actually this album kicks, because boop boop, BOOP boop, boop boop, BOOP boop, boop boop, BOOP boop, for three days, OK, it’s all good.

YC The Cynic :: GNK Political without being polemical, intelligent without pretension, PREACH! without being preachy. More than anything YC gets to the complexity, contradictions, struggles not yet won and battles both personal and historical in our supposedly ‘post-racial’ nation.
Instrumental Albums
3:33 :: Bicameral Brain Coming hard off the back of last year’s In The Middle of Infinity, Brain is more diffuse and ambient and less with the back-breaking drums, but no doubt a sonic journey through your nether neurons.

A.M. Breakups – Pull Back EP A.M. had a great year, dropping his 924 Myrtle LP and production on Cult Favorite. This EP had some more of his great beats.

Bartholomäus Traubeck :: Years You smoke trees. He makes records with them. Unique sounds that really have a non-human quality, of deep time.

Black Chamber :: Black Chamber Actually a jazz album, but it’s so incredibly tight and definitely shows hip-hop influences. Peerless work.

Dr. Quandary :: Wayfarers Quando grabs the crown of Ali Farka Toure-like beat conducting. His loops are dusted with desert sands and imaginary palaces.

Mr. Moods :: Prototype 68: Structures Moods puts out about an album a month it seems like, which is mad prolific to a point of insanity, but this one was on point from start to finish.

PSY/OPSogist :: The Secrets in The Shadows If you’re not hip to the OPS by now, what I gotta do, inject it directly in your earholes? Secrets is the soundtrack to Stan Brakhage’s lost X-Files episode.

Walter Gross - Dear Dirt McGirt Tributes to Ol’ Dirty have ranged from the tasteless (THIS HOLOGRAM COSTEDED A LOT OF MONEY) to a pretty awesome boxset. Gross’ glitch-hop tribute takes snippets and distorted samples of the man himself to create a woozy hallucination that’s a near death experience in itself. Aka Shimmy Shimmy I’m Drowning In A Broken Washing Machine.

Bil Basmala :: Brother From Another Planet The homie née Autolect had a prolific-ass year again, building a solid label/platform on FKA Co. and dropping this head-knocking audio journey laced up with samples from the seminal Sayles flick.

DJ Moneyshot :: Solid Steel & The Hour of Chaos Moneyshot deconstructs Nation of Millions on its 25th anniversary, then reconstructs it with samples, sample sources and interview snippets. 

DJ Yoda :: How to Cut & Paste: The Asian Edition because Orientamalism, great mixing and an undercurrent of commentary on portrayals of Asians in film and hip-hop.
See you cats around the way.

ninja pennies

Last best-of 2013 mix. On some cold wind shit for the long winter of our dis contents.

Side A (Old) - Danny Brown / Rikki Tikki Godly - Live Percenters / Piggy Bank - Troy Ave / Juggaknots Control - Breeze Brewin / Who's Really In Control? - Jasiri X / The Pacs - YC The Cynic / Nothing Is - Ka / Owl - The Child Of Lov (feat. DOOM) / Bend But Don't Break - Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) / Mourn - Tame One / The Cauldron - Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire / Degrassi Picture Day (Hellfyre Jackets) - Open Mike Eagle (feat. Busdriver) / Manteca - Billy Woods / Native Sun - Armand Hammer / Capacity (Lynn, Bronx) - Vijay Iyer & Mike Ladd (feat. Lynn Hill) / Costly Bottle - Gorgeous Children / Long Tokes - Quelle Chris (feat. Cavalier) / Monologion - Milo

six degrees of laceration

This here is the first half of your best of underground hip-hop selection for 2013.

So it seems like more than ever, underground hip-hop's connecting and collaborating beyond local scenes and crews. Real rap nerds can connect every artist on this mix in less than six degrees. Real heads can feel the lacerations on their earholes.

Jackson & Travolta - Action Bronson & Party Supplies (feat. Meyhem Lauren) / It's Nuthin - Guilty Simpson & Small Professor (feat. AG) / Journey Into The Mind - Al'Tarba & Lord Lhus / Splendid - PremRock & Talpas / My Backpack - The MC Type (feat. Prof) / Big Kahuna Burger Pt. 3 - Jean Grae / Graphite - Megabusive / Live From Pimpstead - 14KT (feat. Roc Marciano) / Tylenol Fluid - Ill Clinton / Others on the Board - Zilla Rocca, SelfSays, Castle, David Little & Has-Lo / Black Jesus Remix - Je$u$ & DJ Hellblazer / Technoccult - Cult Favorite / Microlastic - A.M. Breakups / After Hours - MidaZ The Beast (feat. Aahmean) / Death From Above - Atari Blitzkrieg, C-Rayz Walz, Breeze Evahflowin & Masai Bey / Fabian Cortez - Rheteric Ramirez & Nocando / Laying Hands (UglyAss Remix) - Carl Kavorkian / Kareoke - Issuez (feat. Billy Woods & Shortrock) / The Bleedout - Aeon Grey / Pasta w/ Butter - Uncommon Nasa

ice cream truck soundclash

photo via Frank151

Here's your year-so-far roundup of bangers.  On some bomb pop shit for the long hot summer.

Also shouting out that we living in Non-Sequitur Village right now.  Everything's a bunch of strung-together nonsense words, like cats been filling in too many Captchas or something.  I mean, Camouflage Unicorns? Salisbury Steak Sweater?  Needlepoint Shaft In Africa? FUCK Y'ALL TALKING ABOUT GODDAMN.  (OK, actually it was a random tweet from MattRaz that gave me the title, but still. Word fucking salad out there with the titles and the lyricals.)

Get your ice cream game on.  All airhorns used ironically.

Time For A Change - Innocent? (feat. Roc Marciano) / Fame For President - Marco Polo (feat. Lil Fame of M.O.P.) / New Brooklyn Remix - Dyme A Duzin (feat. Flatbush Zombies & The Underachievers) (prod. by Dante Ross) / Cement 3's - Czarface (Inspectah Deck, 7L & Esoteric) (feat. Roc Marciano) / The People's Champ - R.A. the Rugged Man / Still Standing Still - Mixed Blood Majority / The Paragraph Chemist - The White Shadow of Norway (feat. Rakim) / Camouflage Unicorns - N.O.R.E. (feat. Tragedy & Havoc) / One - S. Habib (feat. Big Pepp) / KRS One - The Last American B-Boy / Captain Caveman - Demigodz (feat. Apathy, Celph Titled & R.A. The Rugged Man) / Thought Process - Black Thought (prod. Tony Touch) / Run The Jewels - Killer Mike & El-P / Power - Ill Bill (feat. OC & Cormega) (prod. DJ Muggs) / Rap Game James Franco (Salisbury Steak Sweater) - Deezuz & Riff Raff / Hottest MC - Harry Fraud & Danny Brown / Pro Wrestling - Billy Woods / Slapdash - Juan Deuce / Big City of Dreams - Statik Selektah (feat. Troy Ave, Push!, Meyhem Lauren & AG Da Coroner) / Lmdkv - Prodigy & Alchemist / Walk With Me - Raekwon & Scram Jones / Vanilla Rainbows - Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire / Thank You - AZ / Off The Record - Ka

chronicle of a def foretold


So uh...the world was supposed to end today?  Probably didn't?

Man, that apocalyptic shit gets tired.  Most of y'all are probably too young to remember everybody freaking out that the world was gonna end on January 1st, 1000.

I read that the Mayan calendar ended on that date because it was carved on a temple.  And they ran out of room and were all, 'Well we ain't building another temple.  My hand fucking hurts.  2012, that's like hundreds of years from now, that's enough, let's go get a beer.'

Anyways.  The final instalment of Best Joints of 2012.  Hosted by Orson Welles.

Reputation - Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson / Bust Shots - Wu-Block (Ghostface Killah, Sheek Louch & Inspectah Deck) / I Shall Not Be Moved - Public Enemy / Crocodile Tears - Billy Woods / Memoirs Of 2071 - Verbezerker (Waatu & Vig Vega) / Rhymin Slang (Dave Sitek Remix) - JJ DOOM / The Don - Nas / Southern Fried - Killer Mike / Black Roses - Bigg Jus / Walk Hard - Gangrene / Odd Future - Short Fuze & Nasa / The Mad Writer - L'Orange (feat. yU) / I Know Why You Mad - Troy Ave / Good Luck - Lil Chuuuch / Brown - Homeboy Sandman / In The Middle Of Infinity-3 - 3:33 / 2012 - KRS-One 

 The recap:

If the world did end it's too bad you didn't get to hear this, it has some great tracks on it.  Also, you know, sorry about the dying and fire and destruction and whatever.  Floods and shit. Comets.

2012 :: shit got real & nobody made a song called ‘john cusack’

State of the Union

Felt to me like 2012 was the year rappers got love for being real--not just being real, but being themselves, with a bigger variety of those selves than ever.  Danny Brown and his fucked-up hair.  Bronson and his combination cookbook/rhyme book.  Even Kitty Pryde with her redhead-from-Florida-who-works-at-Claire's-Accessories-and-raps-about-boys.  Why'd everybody turn on Rap Genius all of a sudden?  They turned out to be fronting.  And assholes.  I heard people talk about 'folklore rap' and 'grown man rap'. I didn't hear anyone talk about Drake or Kreayshawn's contributions to the culture.  Hip-hop's always been about 'real recognize real,' but not only has it never had before such a multiplicity of individual voices, that coda's usually had the footnote that '(except it's better if you pretend to be a murderous drug dealer with a ridiculously lavish lifestyle.)'

Once you get off the 2Chainz/ratchet/gangsta/smoke-too-much-weed-to-do-more-than-string-random-words-together axis, you could have a real omnivorous musical diet.  It's kinda like a Tumblr effect, where kids post a Method Man track and then an Urkel .gif and then a Frida Kahlo painting.  No one's paying attention to region, or style, or whatever--you listen to what you like, and cats can make what they like--since radio play and sales are over, just do what you want.  Hip-hop's on shuffle.  All I heard out there was what a great year it was for hip hop--true, true.

Album of the Year



Ka :: Grief Pedigree Most end-of-year lists by people who actually know shit about hip-hop are gonna lead with this one or the Kendrick Lamar.  Me, I think I'm the wrong coast or the wrong age or something to be really feeling GKMC.

Grief Pedigree is nothing if not heartfelt.  Every line, and Ka's scratchy, low voice, shows weariness, wisdom, struggle.  This album didn't come easy--Ka's been working on his own for years, trying to find his place in hip-hop.  Pedigreealone took two years, he says: "one year writing, one year digging."  It's self-produced, simple but strong beats built around perfect and unique loops and drums low in the mix.  The lyrics are long strings of rhymes, endless quotables.  The whole product shows the stamp of true handmade craft.  It's 'grown man rap' as if the Mobb Deep of Infamous had disappeared and come back from the streets 20 years later.  If Jay-Z is Avon Barksdale and every new gangsta on the scene is Marlo, Grief Pedigree is Bodie music.

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special guest stars


Hip hop this year was on some Love Boat shit. Mad guest appearances. So many of the best joints had features, this is Best of 2012 #3, the All Features Edition. Remember in the '90s, when it was like a federal requirement your record had to say "(feat. Busta Rhymes)" on it somewhere? (It had something to do with agricultural subsidies?) This year was kinda like that, except with the same six or so hungry MCs everywhere. These guys were like the specialist guest stars Zilla Rocca said on the twitter that back in the day, Redman used to get $20k for a guest verse, and now it's more like a thousand. So that means Danny Brown made about $657,000 this year. And for a guy who probably doesn't move very fast, Action Bronson sure made it to about ten recording studios every day. I'm guessing pimped-out personal pedecab, full-time Samoan to pedal it. 

Also, I hate finding out crazy shit like this: "We are told in Love Boat II that Gopher, Doc, Isaac, and the captain all served together in Vietnam, but no reference to this is ever made again." Fuck you Wikipedia. I cannot unlearn that.

One last thing: next year, I wanna see the words "(feat. Greg Nice)" 5000% more often.  That DJ Yoda joint is almost official, if it was called 'Crispin Glover' instead of 'Charlie Sheen.'

2012--more feat. than a fuckin' caterpillar. With SPECIAL GUEST STARS...









Oh Hail No - El-P (feat. Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire & Danny Brown) / Cobra Commander (Kenny Segal Version) - Open Mike Eagle (feat. Danny Brown) / Spaceship - MHz (Danny Brown verse) / You Have to Ride the Wave - Himanshu (feat. Danny Brown & Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire) / Werner Herzog - Busdriver (feat. Open Mike Eagle & Nocando) / From Scratch - Illogic & Blockhead (feat. Open Mike Eagle & Has-Lo) / Home Team - Troy Ave (feat. Action Bronson, Mr Muthafuckin' eXquire & Maffew Blocksdale) / Special Effects - Meyhem Lauren (feat. Himanshu & Action Bronson) / The Turning Point - The Alchemist (feat. Roc Marciano) / Loco-Motive - Nas (feat. Large Professor) / That's Enough - Talib Kweli & Z-Trip (feat. John Forte, Skyzoo, Posdnous, Rubix & Fashawn) / Target Practice (Shuko Remix) - Vinnie Paz (feat. Jus Allah) / Monumental - The White Shadow Of Norway (feat. KRS-One, Bigg Limn, Raekwon & Immortal Technique) / FCK YR LF (Verse 32) - BLKHRTS x Curly Castro / Dinero - DJ Absolut (feat. Joell Ortiz, Raekwon, Reynos, Al B Back) / Granite - Shinobi Stalin (feat. Roc Marciano) / Nine Spray - Roc Marciano (feat. Ka)