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June 3, 2010


It's been a good year for hip-hop joints so far this year...but not so much albums.  Lotta LPs dropping with only one or two good tracks on 'em (Cypress Hill, I'm looking in your direction...Distant Relatives is too shiny-sounding; Reflection Eternal and Wu-Massacre both got that Same Shit Different Record Syndrome...)  Is it the pressure to keep pumping out product--if it ain't blogged it ain't right?  I don't know.

Anyways, here's the 20 bangingest cuts for the first half of the MMX.

Spaz Out - Army of the Pharoahs / Fifty Ways To Bleed Your Customer - B. Dolan / Death Penalty - Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx (feat. DJ Revolution) / Criminology 2.5 - Method Man, Ghostface & Raekwon / No Shorts - Smiley the Ghetto Child / Kick In Tha Door - Vado / Rock the Spot All-Star Remix Bash Bros & DJ Osk (feat. Sean Price, Rakaa Iriscience, Reef the Lost Cauze, Verbal Kent, Motion Man, Chali 2na, Big Pooh) / Warning Shots - Rah Digga / Beautiful Love - Vinnie Paz / Queen Latifah - Neak (feat. DJ Moppy) / Get Down (Remix) - Jern Eye (feat. The Pharcyde) / Never Lost Control - The Seed (feat. Blame One) / Birds & Bees - Oddisee (feat. Diamond District) / Introduction - Idris Goodwin / Wolf - KRS-One / Dot Dot Dot (Dirt E. Dutch Remix) - Breez Evahflowin / In The Red - Reflection Eternal / Circle - Graves / Horizont S9 - Marrow / Dirt - Shahmen

My picks for '09 were here if ya missed it.

Records Worth Copping So Far:

  1. B. Dolan : Falling Down Drunken Tiger or whatever it's called
  2. Rob Swift : The Architect
  3. Gil Scott Heron : I'm New Here
  4. Marrow : Copper for Optimists (if you dig that Sons of Co Flow sound)
  5. Vinnie Paz : Seasoning of the Assassin (if you dig Jedi Mind; he changes it up a bit so it's not the same old same old like the last two LPs)
  6. KRS-One : Back to the L.A.B. (Lyrical Ass Beating) (kinda the same old Kris Parker Show, not his best rhymes, but some interesting beats...and when Kris threatens to beat another rapper's ass, it still sounds serious.)