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happy hour at the overlook bar

June 5, 2011


Your money's no good here, B.  We got some free shit laid on.


One Eyed Kings :: 'Distortion'

Fat track, let's see what these cats do next.


6REME :: Tolv figurer Av Ondskap (Twelve Figures of Evil)

Nohmad (VA) :: Hybridz Vol. I

You know sometimes I like that dark, grungy-ass instrumental mutant beats shit. (Because Tyler made it safe to be "a fucking emo faggot who's depressed.")  Two free LPs off the netlabel Nohmad.


Death Grips :: Exmilitary

AAAAHHHH WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?  Jesus FUCK.  I think I just shit myself.  This is some serious punk rock shit.


Rubberoom :: Rebooted

Hey, remember that fat LP, Architechnology, these guys dropped in '99?  No?  You best catch the fuck up then.  This ain't no frilly dance around the maypole.

No idea what happened to these guys over the past 12 years but this is a mad smushup of bad-ass rhymery and hard-edged beats...how many times we seen a one-hitter make a weak comeback--this is not one of those times.


Cage Vs Cons Soundtrack (VA)

Lineup on this comp is like the Legion of Superheroes.  Net result is like the Washington Generals.  Supposed to be for a 'mixed martial arts/musical festival'...a what now?  Like Kool Keith cagefights E40?  Or some dude is doing muy thai while Too $hort is on the mic?  'Beeiotch, get the fuck outta here, you damn near kicked me in my face.'  Los Angeles, what will they think of next.  Cop two and skip the rest: Buc Fifty (feat. Zodiac) :: '4.5lbs of Pressure' and Canibus & Killah Priest :: 'Give It More'.

OK, I said free shit but the next two are pay to play.  Nothing's free these days, ya know.


Vast Aire :: OX 2010

This is not a proper LP, but a bunch of tracks Vast's dropped over the last couple...like those Way of the Fist bootlegs he used to drop.  Vast always got the hot tongue fire, but like any MC he's only as good as the beat that's backin' him.  Some of the beats here are booming, like 'Battle of the Planets' and 'Spy Vs Spy' and some are...not.  I'm not gonna say Vast has fallen off, but I'd like to see more fire in the belly holmes.


KRS-One & Bumpy Knuckles :: Royalty Check

Jesus Christ, KRS has another album?!  Is he finna put some kids through college or something?  And are they, on a George Foreman stylee, named KRS-Two, KRS-Three and KRS-Four?  Sounds like a bunch of goddamn Dr. Seuss characters.  Really though, we had the True Master team-up, the Just-Ice reunion...and now this one.  It's on some Marvel Team Up action.

KRS went through some weak spots in the late 90s/early 00s, but you know what, this is some godbody shit.  Taking it back to the Sex & Violence LP, which is where I felt KRS really came into his own after finding his way through the first post-Scott La Rock LPs.  Name another Golden Age MC who can still kick it like this on the regular.  While Cool J is off solving maritime-related mysteries, or whatever it is they do on that show, KRS walks the walk and talks the talk.  "Who Is It" bangs below.