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rakim : the one true god

November 20, 2009


Ten years in the waiting, The Seventh Seal has dropped...

...and goddamn, that is one bad record.  Really awful.  I guess every single top-shelf producer and same-weight-class-MC was in Barbados or Minnetonka that week, so he had to settle for a bunch of cats he found at the bus station or some shit.  It's like Marlon Brando making his big return to acting by guest starring on Everybody Loves Raymond.

So instead, just get yourself 'Holy Are You', cool out to some more unreleased cuts and remixes, and let us never speak of it again.

Eric B. For President (DJ Showtime Remix) / Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em (DJ Ayres Remix) / Hypnotic / Addictive (Remix) - w/Truth Hurts / Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em (Omega One Remix) / Take the Train / New York London Paris - w/Art of Noise & Spleen / Buffalo Gals (Back To Skool) / Once Upon A Time in Japan (Remix) / Shades of Black / Living For The City (Remix) / Cold Feeling / Man With A Gun / We All Got Plans (Original Mix) / I Know You Got Soul (Z-Trip Remix) / The Saga Begins (Desert Eagle Discs-You Scare Me Remix)